Our most frequently asked questions

Will Gelish damage my nails?

Everybody’s nails will react differently. It is good to give your nails a break between treatments so that your nails can remain strong. Make sure that Gelish is buffed and soaked off correctly to avoid damage to your nails.


How does threading compare with waxing?

Both hair removal methods are very effective and the choice of treatment is entirely subjective.


How does Dermafix compare with Environ?

Both products are excellent skincare products and have been medically tested and proven. We invite you to have a chat with our expert skin specialist regarding which product will work best for you as everyone’s skin is unique.


Why does threading cost more than waxing?

Threading is a specialised treatment only certain therapists are qualified in. Threading takes slightly longer to preform than waxing.


What is an IBX treatment?

This is an excellent nail strengthening treatment which penetrates and fuses together your nail’s top layers to improve the nail plate integrity. The amount of treatments before you can see results will depend on the weakness/strength of your nails.


Will a soaking off treatment damage my nails?

Soaking off Gelish has minimal impact to your nail, as we are removing the product, and not layers, of the nail. Acrylic, which is a much stronger product than Gelish, filing needs to be done to remove the product properly; this process may weaken your nails slightly. This is why we recommend that you give your nails a break between Acrylic treatments.


Is a base coat required with Vinylux?

There is no need to use a base coat when applying Vinylux products as it contains ingredients that help the polish adhere to the nail. If a base coat is used, the Vinylux product would not attach to your nails efficiently and your manicure would not last as long.


What is the difference between full and mini manicures & pedicures?

With mini manicures we focus on shaping your nails, cuticle treatments and painting your nails. With full manicures we shape your nails, do cuticle treatments and paint the nails as well as exfoliate and massage the hands. With pedicures we apply callus treatment, heel buffing, exfoliation and massage of the feet.


What type of nail shapes can be done at ManiPedi?

We can shape your nails in any way you prefer from square, round, square, oval, almond, stiletto, ballerina and lipstick nails to name just a few. Different nail shapes are much easier with Acrylic Nails.


Why do we do the Gelish treatment first and then heel buffing?

Soaking your nails before applying Gelish would cause the Gelish to lift so we apply to dry nails first and then buff your heels.


Do we offer discounts and packages?

We do from time to time so please keep a look out on our Facebook page.