Some basic questions we get asked on a regular basis, should you have more, please email lezelle@manipedi.co.za and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Does Gelish damage the nails?
    If it is removed properly it will not damage the nails, however if pulled off, it will.
    • Is threading more painful then waxing?
    It depends on the person, some people find it less painful, some people find it more painful.
    • Is Dermafix better than Environ?
    It is not a case of which product is better as they are both excellent skincare products and have both been medically tested and proven. Usually it comes down to your skin’s requirements, a personal preference and sometimes an affordability factor.
  • Why does threading cost more than waxing?
    Threading is a specialised treatment only certain therapists are qualified in. Threading takes slightly longer to preform than waxing.
    • Does IBX actually work?
    Yes, as the IBX works from the inside out, penetrating right down the last layer of the nail it works from there. The amount of treatments a client will need to see results will depend on the weakness of her nails before starting the treatments.
    • Does soaking off damage the nails?
    With Gelish soaking off has minimal damage to the nail, as we are removing the product not layers of the nail. With acrylic, which is a much stronger product than Gelish, filing needs to be done in order to remove it properly, this filing can cause the nail to become a little weaker.
    • Why do we not use a Base coat with Vinylux?
    Vinylux has ingredients in it that helps the polish adhere to the nail. Using a Base coat would not allow these to attach to the nail and your manicure would not last as long.
    • Are we cheaper than other brands?
    We are cheaper than some, but a little more expensive than others.
    • What is the difference between full and mini manicures & pedicures?
    With mini manicures, we just focus on the nail, shaping, cuticle treatments and painting of the nails. With full manicures in addition to the above, we exfoliate the hands and massage, with pedicures, we apply callus treatment and heel buff as well as exfoliating and massage.
    • Why do we do the Gelish first then the heel buffing?
    Gelish needs to be applied to dry nails. Soaking before would cause your Gelish to lift.
    • Why do we not do massage?
    We are a nail bar and focus mainly on nails and beauty treatments.
    • Why do we not offer discounts and packages?
    We do offer packages and specials from time to time. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ManiPediCT to be sure not to miss out on these.